Gather sees a future where creative play becomes a daily act.

We believe all people are inherently makers, with an innate quest for originality and adventure.

To play is necessary.

  • Creative Act
    Is Healing

    Creative making reminds us of our humanity. It boosts our mental and emotional health. It shows us the beauty in living. And by exploring something new, we form healthy neural pathways, rewiring our brains through creative experience.

  • Creative Space
    Builds Trust

    The creative act allows us to communicate and grow in empathy and understanding. It provides a place and a way to be heard. It brings us together. Creative exploration in a safe environment invokes vulnerability and allows us to gain trust with one another.

  • Trust Equals
    Collaboration On Fire

    Trust is the key ingredient for thriving in any space—especially in any workspace or hub of innovation. The creative act brings us together and fuels innovation and advancement.

Gather Genesis

The inspiration for Gather was sparked by a dream in 2019:

I heard a voice say, “I gave you raw materials. Go. Make. Play.”
I responded, “Like what?”
The voice said, “Mud.”
I asked, “What does that even mean?”

Then I saw a vision of neatly organized writing products in bright yellow. I woke up in the middle of the night, wrote those exact words on my phone, and thought, “That’s another mysterious note from God.”

Around this time, I was hosting a monthly prayer gathering with artists and entrepreneurs at my design studio, Little Fury Design. I called it “Gather.”

This “Gather” became a sacred time of sharing, of praying, of encouraging, and of fueling each other’s spirits. It also prompted collaborations between the artists who came to pray.

After the pandemic hit, I felt a stronger urge to build what Gather could be, regardless of how we could meet. It became clear that this community and collaboration we were finding as artists is actually one that is accessible and powerful for all people, regardless of background or career. A few of the initial artists agreed to share their unique crafts—as our first Gather Artists. And Gather’s purpose solidified: we are a community through making.

I pray that every Gather slows you down and stretches you in ways unexpected. And I pray that with every connection you form with another person through this process of making, there will be growth, healing, and even transformation that will ripple through your life.

I believe that every human has a creative potential that is waiting to be tapped or exploded. I believe we are all made in order to make. Gather is a space where you can explore various spheres of making with others.

Come. Make. Play.