Joyful Water + Color

Gather Artist: Michael Gatlin

Water is something every child loves playing with. And when we paint with watercolor, we slow down—we layer water and colors to reveal what’s going on around us, outside of us, or even inside of us. In this Gather, we’re going to play with water and we’re going to add a little bit of color, giving and taking to see what can be revealed. We’ll learn about materials, color itself, and techniques such as wet-on-dry, wet-on-wet, layering, and feathering. We’ll see how time itself is an important tool in this process. And we’ll practice how to create a full scene, layering water and color to create dimension and depth.

Location: Soho, NYC

Available Dates:

07/18/ Thu | 7-9:30 PM EST | $75

10 spots total. Added details to follow 1-2 days before the gathering date.

Michael Gatlin

Michael Gatlin

Michael Gatlin developed a life-long love for watercolor while studying with Irving Shapiro and the American Academy of Art in Chicago. He’s painted with watercolor for over forty years. His paintings have been exhibited throughout the US and are in many private collections. He made his living as a watercolor artist, illustrator, and designer before planting a Vineyard church in the late 1990s with his wonderful wife, Brenda. When teaching watercolor, Michael shares the playful joy he experiences as he creates images with the simplest of mediums.