Gather Through

Unearthing Your Book

Gather Artist: Jessalyn Foggy

Writing a book starts with a single idea. But clarifying writing goals and navigating the road to publishing can be an overwhelming, confusing, and often discouraging process. In this Gather, we’ll demystify the publishing process and answer some key questions about publishing houses, about the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing, and about how to take the next step toward putting words into the world. Perhaps your idea for a book is freshly thought, or perhaps it’s fully baked. Or perhaps you’re simply curious about what it might take to publish a book. We’ll spend time asking clarifying questions about our individual book ideas, and we’ll each walk away with the bones of a book proposal.

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12 spots total. Additional details to follow.

Jessalyn Foggy

Jessalyn Foggy

Jessalyn is Director of marketing at Penguin Random House. With nearly a decade of experience in top publishing houses, she works closely with nonfiction authors to launch their books into the world. Through the art of book making, Jess gets to bear witness to how words and stories powerfully shape reality. She is passionate about publishing’s unique ability to empower the voices of others.

  • “If you’ve been trying to unlock the door to your first published book, this incredibly informative session provides the key.”

    —Chelsea Garratt