Gather Through

Seoulful Cooking

Gather Artist: Narie Youn

Korean food is a love language. Many Koreans ask, “Did you eat?” instead of asking “How are you?” or saying, “I love you.” But there’s a lot of prep that goes into this labor of love. In this Gather, we will approach food with mindfulness and meditation, and then look at how to simplify the process of Korean food without compromising the heart of it. We’ll learn how to make one simple base ingredient which can translate into a noodle dish, a side dish, and a main meat dish. We’ll leave with a specific shopping list from Korean markets and a recipe for three different Korean dishes made simple.

Location: UWS, NYC

Available Dates:

05/18/ Thu | 7-9:30 PM EST | $95

12 spots total. Added details to follow closer to the gathering date.

Narie Youn

Narie Youn

From an early age, Narie was taught that sharing food is an expression of love. Being raised by hospitable and innovative women, she lives with a spirit of generosity. Drawing from her catering experience in the greater Los Angeles area, her philosophy of cooking makes authentic Korean food approachable.