Gather Through

Power of Scent

Gather Artist: Sherry El-Gawly

We’re constantly surrounded by smell. A scent can instantly transport us elsewhere—to another place, another time, a strong emotion, a memory. And yet, scent is rarely celebrated in the sensory world. In this Gather, we’ll explore the art and science of scents, of how they’re constructed and layered. We’ll learn how to test scents to find one that suits our body chemistry. We’ll explore how to use scent as a tool for self-expression, mood, and wardrobing, as we consider how we present ourselves through scent.

Location: Soho, NYC

Available Dates:

04/28/ Fri | 7-9:30 PM EST | $95

10 spots total. Added details to follow closer to the gathering date.

Sherry El-Gawly

Sherry El-Gawly

Sherry’s connection to scent is by way of passion and profession. Born in Cairo, and raised in Abu Dhabi, her upbringing was steeped in a region, and family, where fragrance was significant and ever-present. Her scent memories range from the sweet jasmine of her mother’s workplace garden, to the deep Turkish coffee her grandfather drank, to the heady Arabian aromas of the local Emiratis. After her Georgetown MBA, she was recruited to work for L’Oréal where over 12 years she led and launched fragrance brands in the U.S for luxury brands like Viktor and Rolf, YSL, Maison Martin Margiela, Atelier Cologne, and Ralph Lauren Fragrances, where she most recently served as the Head of Marketing. She is a seeker and lover of beauty in all its forms, whether nature or literature, stories or scents.