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Personal Songwriting

Gather Artist: Alison James

Songwriting is an ancient practice to deepen divine connection. The priestly King David, the “man after God’s own heart,” used songwriting as a way of advancing his heart towards God. He exhorted future generations to “Sing a new song to the Lord!” In this Gather, we’ll explore how writing original songs can mold our hearts and facilitate connection. We’ll start with words that resonate with each of us individually—from a piece of literature, a poem, or a scripture. We’ll learn how to build ideas into verses, how to speak in different cadences, and how to deepen the sounds and words that resonate with us. We’ll each craft a short stanza paired with a tune, and we’ll leave with the tools to write future songs.
Please bring:
Headphones (noise canceling if possible)
A Bible or book of poetic inspiration
An instrument if you play one, or a smartphone if you don’t.

Location: Soho, NYC

Available Dates:

04/29/ Sat | 3-5 PM EST | $89

Dates TBD. 8 spots total. Additional details to follow.

Alison James

Alison James

Alison Maddox is a pop songwriter and singer with works spanning across the church and secular worlds. She views songwriting in both contexts from the lens of an explorer: exploring life and cultural experience, and peeling back the surface layer of the day-to-day to find the hope and beauty beneath the surface. Born in Orlando, Florida, she studied Romance Languages at Yale and lived in France and Italy before planting herself in New York City.

Gather Goods Curated by Alison James
Gather Goods

Curated by Alison James

Linkable Notebook (Cover colors may vary)
MUJI Gel Pen

All gather goods will be provided at the gather session.
Not for individual sale.