Gather Through

Mendful Kintsugi

Gather Artist: Esther Mun

The art of Kintsugi embodies new beauty made through imperfections. It’s an artistry of mending broken pieces, symbolically representing how brokenness in our lives can transform to places of beauty and power. Instead of hiding chipped and broken parts, when imperfections are pronounced with the gold, symbolizing the light, you behold something that’s more beautiful. It’s an art form of mending to make new. In this Gather, we’ll have an open time to share personal discovery with each other as we apply Kintsugi to a piece we’ve each brought with us. We’ll share a time of personal reflection and beholding through working with our hands.

Please do not break things to bring. Instead, look for cracked, chipped, and broken ceramics you already have. No glass, please.

Location: London, UK

Available Dates:

04/15/ Sat | 2 - 4pm BST | $90

11 spots per session. Additional details to follow.

Esther Mun

Esther Mun

Esther Mun’s love of typography led her to the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She first practiced design at Pentagram before becoming an integral member of the Duffy + Partners design team. In 2006, she co-founded an independent design studio, Little Fury Design studio, with an initial product line of linkable notebooks and a specialization in branding and packaging. When she’s off of her laptop, she’s painting LilCakeToppers for special occasions. Her true joy is connecting with friends over cold brews. She’s energized by never-ending curiosity in others, a sense of humor, and bringing people together to spark new unique gems.

Gather Goods Curated by (link: text: Academy Kintsugi target: _blank)
Gather Goods

Curated by Academy Kintsugi

Kintsugi Academy Booklet

New Urushi (Lacquer) from Japan

Copper Powder from Japan


Gel Glue

Sandpaper No. 400 + 1000 (coarse + fine)

Small empty bottle


Mini pallet knife

Cotton Pad

All gather goods will be provided at the gather session.
Not for individual sale.

  • “The Kintsugi experience was an opportunity to acknowledge and mend the places of shattering in my life as well as re-imagine what restoration could be.”

    — Sandhya Oaks | Consultant, Story Coach
  • “Esther’s Kintsugi Gather workshop was a practice of soul-mending; not only did she and Grace lead us through the practical techniques of the art form but cultivated an atmosphere of reflection and attentiveness to the broken places of our own stories. It was a rich and memorable experience I would recommend to anyone seeking to expand their repertoire of soulful practices.”

    — Amanda Iglesias | Architect
  • “This Kintsugi workshop came at the perfect time. It was both therapeutic and enjoyable. It allowed me to reflect on the year and my life and see how just like these broken pieces that I had brought, my life is most authentic and beautiful when I embrace my blemishes and cracks. Thank you for facilitating Esther! I learned so much from you and the reflections from everyone else who was participating. I can’t wait for the next Gathering!”

    — Chisom A’Marie | Venture Capitalist