Gather Through

Playful Mark Making

Gather Artist: Jacqueline Tam

When a wash of ink spreads across the paper in an unanticipated way, we can become the creator of an exquisitely made mark. This kind of encounter can often happen when we approach a sketchbook with an attitude of play—with a new tool or a new way of moving the hand across the surface of the paper. In this Gather, we’ll explore how we make marks on a surface—like stamping with ink, drawing with a comb, and painting on yupo paper. We will experiment with these tools to create our own unique and unexpected textures. This can open up a new vocabulary of textures to apply to our creative practices across any medium.

Locations: Soho, NYC | Hells Kitchen, NYC

Available Dates:

04/29/ Sat | 3-5 PM EST | $89 | Soho, NYC

05/13/ Sat | 6:30-8:30 PM EST | $89 | Hells Kitchen, NYC

10 Spots total. Additional details to follow.

Jacqueline Tam

Jacqueline Tam

Jacqueline Tam is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. She holds an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in Illustration and has worked on editorial, advertising, packaging, book, and fine art commissions. Movement and emotion are consistent themes in her work and she often draws inspiration from the natural world to represent our shared and intangible human experiences.

Gather Goods Curated by Jacqueline
Gather Goods

Curated by Jacqueline

Yupo, vellum and bristol papers


Sumi Brush

Sumi Ink

Porcelain dish

4ml Cupcake Pipettes

All gather goods will be provided at the gather session.
Not for individual sale.

  • “My Gather experience was a much needed reprieve from my standard spiritual and social rituals challenging me into a whole new experience of creative expression of myself and God. It brought elements of learning, community, participation and fun to an environment that made it easy to engage without judgment. I can’t wait for my next Gather and can see making it a regular part of my spiritual social practice in the near future.

    Bravo, Gather!”

    — Chris North | Executive Coach
  • “At Illustration Gathering, I felt safe and free to explore my creativity.”

    — Lisa Kim | Accessory Designer