Gather Through

Humanized Lens

Gather Artist: Rob Tarleton

What is portraiture, and how do you make a great portrait? We know the human lens sees way more than the camera lens. So how can we get something real, with the tension and emotions infused? In this Gather, we’ll learn how being aware of the surroundings and invoking curiosity is key to capturing moments. We’ll look at how we can collaborate and create rapport with the person whose portrait we’re taking. We’ll discuss posing tips and physical print. And we’ll learn to make a great portrait with the simple tool of our phones.

For this Gather you will need a smartphone. Cameras are also welcome.

Location: Soho, NYC

Available Dates:

04/29/ Sat | 3-5 PM EST | $89

10 spots total. Additional Details to Follow.

Rob Tarleton

Rob Tarleton

Robert Tarleton is a passionate stills photographer based in New York City. His work ranges from striking, regal portraits to dramatic, candid tableaus throughout the city. His careful attention to the subjects’ pose in his portraiture creates a feeling of strength, dignity, and style for everyone in front of his lens. Tarleton wields a variety of mediums: 120mm film, 35mm film, Canon digital, or just his iPhone.