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Personalized Teas

Gather Artist: Katie Vaccaro

There are many kinds of herbalism. But there’s greater healing potency when there’s thoughtfulness and care that goes into making unique blends for yourself and for others. This is caring for your health in a slower but more natural way. In this Gather, we’ll experience the intimacy of herbs through herbal tea formulation. We’ll explore the importance and beauty of knowing the whole constitution of a person, plant, and conditions. We’ll smell each herb and come to understand the broad strokes of the world of herbs. We’ll learn to thoughtfully compose custom blends for a uniquely designed human.

Location: Soho, NYC

Available Dates:

05/20/ Sat | 3-5PM EST | $95

9 spots total. Additional details to follow.

Katie Vaccaro

Katie Vaccaro

Katie Vaccaro trained under American Herbalist Guild herbalists Lupo Passero and David Winston in traditional herbalism and clinical herbal medicine. Her personal journey with plants as medicine started while working as trail staff for a primitive wilderness-based drug and alcohol rehab in southern Utah, learning about the abundance of useful and medicinal plants in such a stark environment. But it wasn’t until her formal study, years later, that she fell in love with the beauty of plants and the process of creating as a part of medicine and wellness. Katie is convinced that good healthcare should start with education, and she loves helping others get started on their journey of investing in their own health and making medicine for themselves.

Gather Goods Katie Vacarro
Gather Goods

Katie Vacarro

Coming Soon

All gather goods will be provided at the gather session.
Not for individual sale.