Meditational Calligraphy

Gather Artist: David Chang

Writing a letter by hand can create a deeper connection to the text, to the reader, and to oneself. In this Gather, we will cover the basic letter and the art of calligraphy. We will explore our own unique handwriting, finding the art within our personal marks. We will get comfortable using the calligraphy pen, and with can pens. We’ll explore how it can become a part of mindful practices and expressions.

Location: TBA

Available Dates:

12 spots total. Added details to follow 1-2 days before the gathering date.

David Chang

David Chang

David Chang is a renowned artist who has pursued the art of western calligraphy for the past 20 years. His masterful study of calligraphy is driven by a passion for “bringing the essence of a word or message to life.” Chang’s calligraphic mark—vacillating between traditional scripts and contemporary abstraction—issues statements of personal, cultural, and spiritual awareness while retaining a formal beauty full of urgency and redemption.

Gather Goods Curated by David
Gather Goods

Curated by David

N90 Brause Steno Nib 361

N113 Nikko G Nib

H46 Grey Plastic Penholder (114)

P01-8 JNB Copperplate / Engrossers Pad 8.5 X 11”

I70 Moon Palace Sumi Ink (2 oz)

Handmade can pen

4ml Cupcake Pipettes

All gather goods will be provided at the gather session.
Not for individual sale.

  • “The Gather Calligraphy session was a creative and spiritual activation that I didn’t know I needed. David’s masterful teaching and Esther’s curated community made for such a delightful experience that has changed my approach to drawing and writing forever. May our words make lasting marks that heal and elevate ourselves and others!”

    — Didier Sylvain | Leadership Coach
  • “I could not have predicted how moving my experiences with calligraphy through Gather would be. Yes, I learned a new skill and had the opportunity to practice making something beautiful. What has stayed with me, though, is the honesty and intimacy of the room in which we practiced together, and the people who made it so. Every person on their own journey, and David — ever the patient, perceptive, and kindest of guides — taking the time to see each journey and meet each person where they were.”

    — Katie Sadow | Graphic Designer
  • “My experience at The Gather Calligraphy Workshop was completely spiritual and altogether life-giving. Not only did I find the practice extremely meditative, but the environment was curated in such a way that it simply forced me to slow down. David’s mastery of his craft allows him to see things the artist / participant might not—he pointed out that perhaps letting go of my pen and opening up my heart space might really invigorate and open up my mark making. And that it did. So grateful to Gather for fostering and cultivating the connection between our hearts / minds and the work of our hands!”

    — Nicole Ingram | Interior Designer