Gather Through

Avatar Painting

Gather Artist: Esther Mun

We all long to be seen and recognized. And there’s always an occasion to celebrate the people (and pets) in your life. In this Gather, we’ll create a lil’ piece of art that represents you or someone you love. We’ll look at how you can capture a person’s essence—just with a hairline and well-plotted eyes. We’ll ask what beauty you see in this person that you want to bring forth. And then we’ll sketch, paint, and podge a personalized wooden figure. After all, who wood-n’t want a selfie?

Location: TBA

Available Dates:

This session a SPONSORED session. Next public session will be in May 2023.

Esther Mun

Esther Mun

Esther Mun’s love of typography led her to the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She first practiced design at Pentagram before becoming an integral member of the Duffy + Partners design team. In 2006, she co-founded an independent design studio, Little Fury Design studio, with an initial product line of linkable notebooks and a specialization in branding and packaging. When she’s off of her laptop, she’s painting LilCakeToppers for special occasions. Her true joy is connecting with friends over cold brews. She’s energized by never-ending curiosity in others, a sense of humor, and bringing people together to spark new unique gems.

Gather Goods Esther Mun
Gather Goods

Esther Mun

2 rows of paint
2 brushes
4-6 wooden toppers

All gather goods will be provided at the gather session.
Not for individual sale.