is a space for making and for play.

Invoke | Connect | Make


What if our deepest yearnings are housed in textures, colors, gestures? What if making art opens spaces within us to rest, play, and connect with ourselves and each other in deeper ways?

Let us slow down and share a creative space — where our expressions can flow in unplanned, unimaginable ways. Gather is a space for everyone — no experience in artistic or creative forms is needed.

We will join with others who are curious, who long to simply make, to simply play.

And we’ll explore how to take these new creative possibilities into our own daily lives and spiritual practices.

2022 Gatherings

Gather Artists share their unique crafts as we awaken creativity within a community of curious, playful makers.

Finding Poetry in the Everyday

In a poem, we don’t need to have the answers or know all the pieces of a story. In fact, a poem can help us say things we didn’t have words for, can … More

A Spirit of Hosting: Wine Edition

Being a great host transcends the act of simply having people over. A culture and spirit of hospitality can be cultivated wherever you go. In this … More

Mendful Kintsugi

The art of Kintsugi embodies new beauty made through imperfections. It’s an artistry of mending broken pieces, symbolically representing how … More

Playful Mark Making

When a wash of ink spreads across the paper in an unanticipated way, we can become the creator of an exquisitely made mark. This kind of encounter … More

Unearthing Your Book

Writing a book starts with a single idea. But clarifying writing goals and navigating the road to publishing can be an overwhelming, confusing, and … More

Meditational Calligraphy

Writing a letter by hand can create a deeper connection to the text, to the reader, and to oneself. In this Gather Session, we will cover the basic … More

Joyful Water + Color

Water is something every child loves playing with. And when we paint with watercolor, we slow down—we layer water and colors to reveal what’s going … More

Sketchy Etch A Sketch

Etch A Sketch. Do they still make those things? Why, yes! They do! And yes, it is possible to draw more than a staircase! In our current culture of … More

Incarnational Acting

When acting, one must get out of the way for something new to arise. An actor strips away pretense and puts the self aside to honor the character and … More

Personal Songwriting

Songwriting is an ancient practice to deepen divine connection. The priestly King David, the “man after God’s own heart,” used songwriting as a way … More

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